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Chainsaw Man

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Can we talk about how this is going to be the worst fanbase in history by far? As soon as the first episode drops I'm probably going to drop the manga so everytime I read some stupid shit I don't know its stupid shit and blow my brains out from frustration.
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Sana is superior to Hayase in all ways, why is Senpai so damn gay?
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Daily Gekiga Shorts Storytime

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Today we read from Katsumata Susumu

Gekiga as a term is used in the West to refer to the adult or alternative manga written between the 60s and early 80s.
They were very influential on almost all of later manga development.
If this is your first time seeing one of these threads, feel free to join in. They're all separate stories.
Old Threads - https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/a/search/subject/Daily%20Gekiga%20Shorts%20Storytime/
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>Bocchi finally has a new anime role for the first time in two years
>it's as a background character
Bocchibros, I don't feel so good...
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Can we just talk about how perfect that first season is? Like today I was just browsing through my music collection and heard Tsubasa's S1 song and all the nostalgia came rushing back. I really believe they hit lighting in a bottle with that first season (which is funny because it got so much shit for the first 3 episodes) that they were never really able to completely recapture with everything after. Sure it has some things that don't hold up like the death fakeout but it's just so solid in its execution.
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Matchmaking of the Amagami Household

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Yaebros I don't feel so good!
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Shonen chosen one levels

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Chosen one levels of shonen....

Chosen linage, prophecy, gifted with ability from birth,etc.
Gash, Naruto , Ichigo, Yoh,Luffy (was originally an A tier ),Kintaro, Dai, Every Jojo except Jonathan,Yusuke (was originally B tier), Arale, Seiya

Gifted with an ability by chance meeting
Deku, Yugi

trained by someone special or hard work
Goku ( he was low tier Saiyan by blood, Broly was the chosen one) Senku, Johnathan Joestar, Senku,Saitama,Box7, Taikubou, Ryo (city hunter), Kenshin, joe
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Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

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Chapter 76 is up
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>Baki can create the image of other fighters in his head to train
Kind of exaggerated, but ok, shadow boxing is a thing

>by imagining several joints in his body Katsumi can achieve the speed of a whip
Very exaggerated, but there is a little bit of truth in "trying to move like a whip" I guess

>when pretending to be a dinosaur everybody can see Baki as a dinossaur
Well, this may be a poetic take on how good his imatation is

>Baki can imagine his muscles turning into a liquid to achieve maximum speed instantly
That's just dumb, but I still like it, it is fun

>Musashi can make someone feel like he got decapitated just by thinking about it
This is retard

>By pretending to cut someone Mussashi can kill for real
I'm done, fuck this imagination bullshit, they gave Musashi psychic slashing powers
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20th Anniversary Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Storytime

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I'm going in intensely with hard macho-ness.
1 >>225872501
2 >>225888318
3 >>225968590
4 >>226022112
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