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Go read "ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai", anon
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RIP In Peace MangaDex

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Will you take the rawpill, anon?

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Misaka's tummy
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Marimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 202

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Dumping latest chapter, our boy Iruma is back after the golden week.
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Slime 300

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New episode in 20 minutes
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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Naruto Vs Delta in less than 10 hours.
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ITT: Tropes you hate

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>assertive female + meek male
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How long between rest days for training same muscle groups?
Talking about chest/biceps/triceps/back
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Thunderbolt Fantasy

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previous thread >>221789849

TL;DR: this OP is my review of the show so far. Second post will be about Season 3 and some food for thought & discussion regarding the plot.

I posted excitedly about TBF after begrudgingly trying the first few episodes several weeks ago, and it was suggested that I give my thoughts once I caught up. I'll try to be concise but there's a lot to cover. First I'll say I absolutely love the show. Almost all the characters are great and the production is stellar. I felt like the first half of season 2 was a step down but it definitely redeemed itself and season 3 so far is very good.
For season 1, I found Betsu Ten Gai's minions Ryou Mi and Chou Mei to be very boring, but he himself was a good villain and I enjoyed the whole confrontation with him a lot. Setsu Mu Shou was a character I was excited to watch so I was a little disappointed to see him die, but it was a fitting end for him, I suppose. The climax with You Ja Rei felt shoehorned in at the end, but it didn't bother me too much. Rin Setsu A gave Shou Fu Kan the umbrella he owed him in the last scene and he decided to pass it on to the Buddha statue. That made me tear up a bit and it was a fantastic ending to Season 1.
Season 2 introduced a lot of new characters. I really loved Shou Kyou Ken - his attitude and outlook on things made for interesting interactions and events. His humiliation at the hands of Rin Setsu A were to be expected but satisfying, although I honestly found myself feeling sorry for him. It was all the more satisfying when he demonstrated his resolve by quickly recovering his composure and absolutely devastating Setsu A - the one moment in the show so far where he truly and utterly lost. It was a surprising and delicious moment, I must admit. My respect for Kyou Ken increased a lot.

I strongly disliked Katsu Eiraku and too much screentime was wasted on her. I liked the mysteriousness of Rou Shin Kai and I liked his "monk" design more than his second design.
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Hey oji-san, want some beer and rock CDs?
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