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The Final Haruhi Thread: Part II

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You thought it was the end, didn't you?
What are your thoughts on the new LN and what do you want to see if Tanigawa ever continues the series
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Fetish fuel: the character
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Shimeji Simulation

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it's about that time again
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Will Subaru cause the destruction of Lugunica by making the Half Devil the ruler?
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I will fix Dragon Ball Super characters models

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post screenshots of ugly DBS characters and I will upload a quick "fixed" version. I won't spend as much time as the one in the OP, so just expect fixed faces
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Did you thank her today for translating your manga and doujins?
She often doesn't get the credit she's due for all the hard work she does...


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>Bocchi finally has a new anime role for the first time in two years
>it's as a background character
Bocchibros, I don't feel so good...
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Pre-2000s thread

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Just finished up Cyber City Oedo 808. The action is great, the characters are cool and the villains were pretty gnarly as well especially Molcos and Amachi. What're you all watching/reading?

Tokyo Revengers 216

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Senju deito!
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How should jojolion end?
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