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There are a lot of pointless arguments about who are the strongest characters in anime/manga. Let's talk instead about which characters are the most entertaining to see fighting. What are your favorite fight scenes?

Jashin-chan Dropkick

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Season 4 when?
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Kaguya Manga

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I miss Ishigami (harem) arc
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Isekai Maou

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Daughteru acquired. Just like that.
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Shield hero manga chapter 76

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Last chapter, our heroes manage to murder and escape the man responsible for their encirclement. Now with Kizuna, the Holy Hero of the Hunting Tools, reunited with her loved ones, How will things proceed onward? Find out as we read the newest release of the manga of this isekai revenge fantasy series
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Vivy is a 60 year old hag!
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How can Roswaal resist this?
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Fire Man

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Wtf is this tranny shit in fire punch, I was expecting Kino not this political crap
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>"No, Takuma! You can't do naughty things with Kururi, she is still a loli!"
>"Here, let me use this magic helmet to make her grow up so that her body complies with the standards of Australian pornography."
>"Okay, Takuma, now that she looks barely legal you can go ahead and molest her even though anagraphically she is still 9 years old."
Welp, that was refreshing. I mean, we get shit for Oshino Shinobu and Etna because they look like lolis even though they're hundreds or thousands of years old, then this manga author comes along and turns the tables on us.

86: Eighty Six

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Episode 5
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