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Daily Spice and Wolf: Chapter 71

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New chapter every night at 8 PM PDT (3 AM UTC)

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Why she calls senpai a virgin while being a Virgin herself?
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/a/ Sings - Fighting Gold (Jojo Part 5 OP)

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Show me some autism

Here's the starter pack with the original song, lyrics, and instrumental.

>Who do I send it to?
Send it to [email protected] or drop your singing in the thread.

End of August.

In case you don't want to download the starter pack:
Here's the OP itself.

Here's the Instrumental.

Here are the lyrics.

Chainsaw Man

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Can we talk about how this is going to be the worst fanbase in history by far? As soon as the first episode drops I'm probably going to drop the manga so everytime I read some stupid shit I don't know its stupid shit and blow my brains out from frustration.
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Why did you watch Ichigo Mashimaro?
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>murdered 20,000 people
>smiles while talking about starting a civil war in another nation
>jokes about it
How is this guy the hero again?
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So, I've seen some Kakegurui threads in the past few days and they always seem to be about Mary.

Who actually finds her more attractive than Yumeko? Are you gay? She's got literally nothing to offer that Yumeko doesn't do better.
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Anons love to talk shit about Shinka online but would be afraid to say it to her face in real life.