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Pitch your anime idea in one sentence
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Doraemon Long Stories Storytime Vol.20

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Titled Nobita and the Legend of the Sun King.

Volume 1 >>220737918
Volume 2 >>220794660
Volume 3 >>220849664
Volume 4 >>220913017
Volume 5 >>220968234
Volume 6 >>221027901
Volume 7 >>221091958
Volume 8 >>221143822
Volume 9 >>221206134
Volume 10 >>221261208
Volume 11 >>221320214
Volume 12 >>221375124
Volume 13 >>221428819
Volume 14 >>221490998
Volume 15 >>221541631
Volume 16 >>221597583
Volume 17 >>221652604
Volume 18 >>221708360
Volume 19 >>221766002
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How did 2017 give rise to all of these teasing romcoms? Uzaki, Nagatoro, and Anjou all came out within each other that year.
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God damn 2010's was fucking amazing.
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Prichan, Mewkledreamy, Aipla

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Ann is competing with Yume for the "dumbest dum ever" award!
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Naruto sucks.
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ITT: Girls getting physically beaten

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Slime 300

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New episode in 20 minutes
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It's mother's day. Post you're daughtermomwife.

Tower of God S3

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The hiatus is finnally over at summer
1 mounth and finnally we will see the best girl ever Androssi with his lover Baam together again.