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>Misato’s group has a way to undo the effects of the 3rd impact in small spaces
>Asuka, Shinji, and Rei Q are picked up and rescued by a truck
>The truck takes them to a village
>Toji’s in the village and he’s a doctor, he’s married to Hikari and they have a baby called Tsubame
>Kensuke is there
>They’re all there in this Ghibli-esque village
>Shinji is taken to the place where he’s going to be staying and Asuka’s there and she’s full-on naked, except for the eyepatch
>Shinji and Asuka are supposed to live together. When he first arrives, she's naked and she is all 'yeah this is my body' but Shinji pukes because of PTSD
>She’s wearing the same type of explosive choker that Shinji was wearing in the previous movie that was used to kill Kaworu
>When Shinji sees the choker, he vomits and drops
>Later on, he’s not eating, he’s not doing anything; he sees Asuka again and catches a glimpse of her choker underneath her clothes and throws up again
>Shinji is basically catatonic in grief over Kaworu
>Asuka says something along the lines of: “you throw up at the sight of me, what’s wrong with you. How can you throw up when you’re not eating anything?”
>She force-feeds him protein bars and then leaves to be alone