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Alien Invasion

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Post and discuss the abduction, examination and breeding of human women by extraterrestials.

No futa.
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Splatoon Lewds

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Too damn hot edition
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Your Favorite Waifus

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Single, pairs, or group images ok. No worksafe pics please.
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She shows you her stik and her weapon

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New is good. Old is fine.
Starting with a classic.
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Elf Thread

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consensual loving elf on elf sex edition

no futa
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Okay, so this is kinda specific, but that's how fetishes work, right?. I like trashy sluts, and I wanna see more of them. Tattoo's, piercings, fishnets, whorish makeup, sidecuts and garish hair. Basically pic related. Stuff like krashzone does, which is my go-to source.It's not quite bimbification or corruption, the jap tag would be moral degeneration, but the girl doesn't necessarily have to have started out wholesome.
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and the girls who use them
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Drawthread Deliveries

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In this thread post your favorite deliveries from the /aco/ drawthread. Deliveries from other boards are fine as long as they comply with the rules. No futa.
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