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What do you think of this notice any flaws please rate!
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Futa on male thread

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Triss from Witcher
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Mermaid Thread

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Female on Male Rape

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Let's see some guys getting put in their place.
no futa.
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/bimbo/ - bimbos and bimbofication

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Post bimbos, bimbo transformations, bimbo stories, whatever you got. Keep ganguro and gyaru on /d/.

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Anal Thread (Anything to do with assholes)

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Saw a similar thread in /h/ and wanted to try it here

Anything anal/involving/showing assholes allowed, males allowed as long as they're feminine, just no scat
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/aco/ Commissions Thread

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Femboy General #30

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Frottage edition
>Old Threads:

(want one added? post a link with a short description of the game)

>New Thread Template:

Previous thread
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Total Drama thread 3

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Last thread
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Miko Kutoba/Glitch Techs thread

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