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Your Favorite Waifus

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Single, pairs, or group images ok. No worksafe pics please.
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She shows you her stik and her weapon

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Virt-A-Mate is a VR sandbox adult sex simulator. Version 1.x is complete and we are all sitting around with our thumbs up our asses waiting for 2.x. It can be used in desktop mode just fine but some of the user created content seems to be made for VR controls and as such doesn’t always work well for desktop.

Content has moved to the official Hub and downloading of content hosted on hub can be downloaded from inside VaM. The reddit can mostly be ignored at this point but the wiki is there and some other useful links can still be found there.



Official discord:

EASYMATE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED and its built in plugins are out of date but if you are just starting it might still be worth checking out:


Directory for older user created content that can also be accessed from within Virt-A-Mate (cloud icon on ui once security settings are changed to allow it)

Virt-A-Mate Patreon

The free version is very limited. That said you do not need to maintain a sub to keep using it. You can pay for the month and then cancel your subscription and keep using whichever version you got the key for (more relevant now that 1.x is done). You would only need to sub again if you wanted to try any 2.x previews that could pop up though I don’t expect any soon.

Info on different pledge levels and installation:


Archived thread:

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New is good. Old is fine.
Starting with a classic.
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Elf Thread

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consensual loving elf on elf sex edition

no futa
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Okay, so this is kinda specific, but that's how fetishes work, right?. I like trashy sluts, and I wanna see more of them. Tattoo's, piercings, fishnets, whorish makeup, sidecuts and garish hair. Basically pic related. Stuff like krashzone does, which is my go-to source.It's not quite bimbification or corruption, the jap tag would be moral degeneration, but the girl doesn't necessarily have to have started out wholesome.
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and the girls who use them
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Drawthread Deliveries

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In this thread post your favorite deliveries from the /aco/ drawthread. Deliveries from other boards are fine as long as they comply with the rules. No futa.
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Tiny cute dicks

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Trans, futa, etc. All welcome. Extra points for cumming handsfree
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