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Post your favorite animal and why.

I'll start. The Mudskipper.
They have ability to walk on land and swim.
The also mud wrestle to assert dominance over other males.
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Why does this even exist? Why would anyone want to create so useless, disproportional, ugly, dumb parody to the dog? What is actually wrong with americans and their desire to mutt everything to the point of creating a literal surfaced deep sea monster?
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/plant/ - Carpobrotus Edition

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My dog was put down today

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Had him since I was 5 years old, he was a 14 year old lab. He had his tail between his legs and was in pain constantly so we decided to call it quits.

I grew up with this dog, I felt his heart stop and I was the one who put him into his grave we dug at my grandpa's ranch. Nothing of substance to add here, I'm just sad, really really sad.
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Animal testicles

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Let's get this thread rolling.
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What do you think that crazy bastard called Evolution is up to?

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I think we'll have about 30 species of kudzu in the future. I'll dump some of the cool /an/pics I got
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Anyone else find Lemurs interesting? They're our primate counterparts and have evolved many species that are analogous to our own. There is the Archaeoindris (Gorilla) and Archaeolemuridae (Monkeys) Mouse lemurs (Tarsiers) Hadropithecus (Baboons)

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So my gf and her mom brought to home one flethling (i mean kidnapped) I tried to explain and now they don't know where to give it back, they even said the old shit about touching birds and the parents not accepting.

It's been 2 days, where i live if a abit cold so we start to warm the animal and he started to be lethargic.

We are giving good every 4 hours and water and warm things, what to do? it seems like the 8 in pic related, i have some worms for fish i'm trying to give to him, but i doubt it will be saved since dumb fucking normalfags love to kidnap birds.

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Now that the dust has settled, What the fuck was this guy's problem?
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tap here for Tapir
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