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Why are humans such scum?
>Del Norte Titan is part of the Grove of Titans,[3] near other large Coast Redwoods. Their exact location was kept secret by arborists until 2011, when a visitor posted their geolocation online.[4]
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orangutan thread
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Jesus Christ
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>Some stupid fucking kid at any aquarium


Every single fucking time learn something else to say you little bastards
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Does /an/ like bulldogs?
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>you can't just have a whole reaction thread about one specific animal!

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oh yeah, let's see about that
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How to safely hunt for shrooms?

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I'm in the UK and going to go hunting for magic (psilocybin) mushrooms, are there any I should avoid that grow in the UK that look like drug shrooms that are poisonous?
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How do they tell each other apart?
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What's up with the high heels?

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