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Dog died

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Borzoi Thread

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Judged ye shall be, for thy sins are many, and mine eyes see all.
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Fox Thread: Renard Pizza Edition

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Post and discuss about them.
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Is there any way a private individual can hire lessons or rent the equipment and arena, to ride a horse-drawn Chariot?
Riding a Chariot is one of the things i need to do before i die.
I know chariot races are a thing even if very small and unknown.

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Anyone remember this stupid shit? They basically said squids that swing from trees would be the next humans in 200 million years and came up with a bunch of retarded shit like Sharkopaths which are basically just sharks with LEDs and had really shit early 3D animation. Has there ever been anything like this since? I want to see what retarded shit they say will be around in 300 million years, 400 million years, etc. or some other peoples' crazy theories.
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Nobody knows if this cat is a bengal or a brown tabby.
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>I hope I make it to page 10 before anyone sees me...
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ITT: natures most hilarious mistakes
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Not counting homicidal humans or mosquitos, which animals are considered the most dangerous towards humans?
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Unorthodox food you give your pets

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I give my pomeranian Doritos. She hunts for them now. Never seen her climb until I left Doritos on the table. She jumped up and tried to get into the bag.
She wont eat hear dog treats unless it's the only thing left.
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