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Is it true that you cant go through Australia and New Zealand without getting killed by some fucking creature that looks like it was from prehistoric times?
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if animals could post on 4chan, what kinda boards would they use and what would they post?
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>tfw I die and am reunited with my departed dogs in valhalla
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veterinary field redpills

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So I'm a doing biology for undergrad and am planning on going into veterinary in the future. I know about some of the shit like having to euthanize animals, deal with shitty owners, and zoo openings being few but can any vet fags here dump out some advice, maybe a few red/black pills on the field? Like job opportunities, benefits between farm, pet/exotics, and zoo shit?
Sorry if this should go in adv figured this is an because of vet shit.
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Aggressive cat

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IDK what to do. One of my two cats got lost a few days ago, today we could rescue her but her sister start hissing at her. My mother tried to calm the angry one but ended up all scratched up.

What should we do?
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Rate my goldfish

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I always say hello to the birds and other animals that I meet when I'm outside.
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Thoughts on this mfs?

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I miss my kitty.

lole :)

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took a bath with le dogg
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