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Weird deep sea stuff thread
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Are pets bums and leeches

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I understand having a working animal but does it make sense to have a “companion animal” do you think your dog or cat really loves you or are you their meal ticket? Worst of all mutts and cats infect humans with parasites which In turn make the humans more retarded and enslaved to their /best/friends are dogs and cats to humans what Israel is to America? Should we ban or regulate ownership of non working animals?
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That's a big turtle.

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Why is any form of whaling legal. There is no legitimate justification for it anymore.

>muh tradition
Bullshit reason, if this was justified then cannibalism should also be legal.

>muh commercial
There are enough sources of meat on the planet to compensate for a "delicacy"

>muh science
If a whale has to die "for science" the number can be small, it doesn't require hundreds much less thousands

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My grandmother passed away a few weeks back, and me and my mom took in her old yorkie, and had him for a few months. My moms boyfriend moved and the dog hates him and randomly attacks him and the othet dogs, so he's getting taken to the vet so we can get him anti-anxiety meds. Im worried the vet won't help, and he'll get put down even though he's relatively healthy for his age (he's 15). Am I worried for nothing? I don't want to kill a dog because he's an inconvenience. Pic unrelated


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What animals and ecosystems will we see go extinct by the end of the century?
From what I've been reading it seems that these are the animals who will be most affected
>big cats
>great apes
>large fish like sharks and tuna
>some species of turtles
What else is there? How about the animals that will dominate in the new human-altered ecosystem?

Color Morphs & Mutations Thread

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Can we have a thread for color morphs and anatomy deviations?

I'm addicted to pictures of albino (white), melanistic (black), and erythristic (red) color morphs.
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/opog/ – Opossum Ogeneral

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Goats or sheep, which are better and why?
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Mass extinction event #6

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Which animals are doomed to perish in the Anthropocene and which do you think will survive climate change and habitat destruction personally I think the oceans are doomed to the worst fate because of the ph issue with it becoming acidic and chinks throwing plastic in the ocean among the many other problems plaguing the ocean right now
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