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Guys... Like maybe a week ago I posted a thread about there being a mouse in my apartment. Someone linked to that "mousetrap mondays" thing and I went with the non-lethal trap...

And it fucking killed the mouse. I feel like a piece of shit, I was just gonna catch the little thing and toss him out somewhere. I got a big paint bucket and set up a ramp on the side, melted some peanut butter and trailed it up the ramp, dangling from a duct tape rope and all the way around the inside rim. Then I filled the bottom with like an inch of canola oil and I dropped more peanut butter in the center and put a big square marshmallow in the middle so he'd have a little island to sit on.

Somehow the little thing's still dead.
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Does anyone have any idea what kind of trichoptera this is? Kinda small and there are a lot of them by a river in New Zealand. Even just a family ID would be helpful. Tried looking on inaturalist but couldn't find this small sized thing with the pale spot on its back and and two spots on head.

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Hey guys,

I don't frequent here too much. Mostly stick to /o/, but this week I took my 13 year old dog into the vet for dental stuff, over the last year we've been monitoring his kidney stuff for his blood and the vet wants to put him on a kidney wet food diet. They gave me three choices and for the life of me i'm not sure what one is better than another and want your thoughts on it.
-Science Diet k/d.
-Royal Canin Renal Support
-Purina NF.

He is a pomeranian/poodle mix. about 10 pounds and isn't a picky eater if that makes a difference.

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Can anyone help me identify this tree I picked in my backyard for a house plant? I live in ND. Thank you!
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>first date
>ask what's her favorite dinosaur
>ummm I don't know,stegosaurus maybe?
>explain why she's wrong for next two hours

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It's a spinosaurus hehehe

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Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal?
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Happy Mother's Day

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Post animals being good mothers in this thread

Biology PhD

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So I want to go into research and was wondering about the field in general. How competitive is it? Is it a difficult process? Who's hiring, what's the workload, typical day? How much work is there? Is the pay adequate? Any tips or advice for what I should do while in college? I've heard from professors that skipping a masters and going straight for a PhD could work. I've done some research but I was wondering what biolochads on /an/ would say.

/ckg/ - Chicken General : Growing Old Together edition

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Previous thread >>3721105
How are your chickens, both old and young, anons? What's happening with your flocks, your coops and your sales? What are your birds eating these days?
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