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How come there were no birds that managed to reach the great size of their relatives such as the gigantoraptor? Not even the terror birds.

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Well, the TRUE best bird is actually the great tit. Self explanatory.
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/fox/ thread

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Can we get more pics of foxes making this dumb face? I like it.
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My dog was put down today

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Had him since I was 5 years old, he was a 14 year old lab. He had his tail between his legs and was in pain constantly so we decided to call it quits.

I grew up with this dog, I felt his heart stop and I was the one who put him into his grave we dug at my grandpa's ranch. Nothing of substance to add here, I'm just sad, really really sad.
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>somewhere under the sea there's probably an octopus with a big enough brain to consciously consent to have tentacle sex with me
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what is his problem?
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what is a good animal documentary?

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Anyone here has any experience with raising rabbits outside cages?

ferret thread

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>third most popular pet in the US
>domesticated before cats
>no ferret thread
what the heck /an/
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