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Lets talk about testicles

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why are dog testicles so pendulous?
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The gorilla is the baddest cat in the jungle. No one attacks him, so why would he look up?

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Is there a place where you can take your dog to get laid? Thinking about getting a male dog and I don't want to get him neutered because fuck that. I'd rather get him hooked up with some doggy pussy every now and then. Is there a breeding farm or some kind of doggy brothel?
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>Did you really think we were gonna leave you? We leave no man behind
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/aq/ Aquarium General:

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Killies Raise my Willy Edition

Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor, and issues. Before asking questions in this thread, make sure you give us at least some details when asking a question, such as:

>Tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
>Parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
>Any inhabitants + how long you've had them
>Pictures are always helpful

Tank Cycling:

Stocking and Water Change Calculator:

Articles and Care Guides:

Aquatic Plant Database:

Saltwater shit:
>brs 5 minute guides
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>we laugh at dogs getting excited when they hear a bark on TV, but if TV was a nonstop stream of unintelligible noises and then someone suddenly spoke to you in your language, you'd be pretty fucking startled too


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orangutan thread
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Animals looking at the camera
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