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Yesterday I touched and fed a fallow deer
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Was it ahead of its time?

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I want to remind people or maybe learn people that you CAN'T pick up a frog with your bare hand. They will absorb the chemicals lingering on your hands and maybe they will scream because they feel frightened and stressed. And if you want to pick up a frog, please wash your hands, wear disposable gloves and don't squeeze too hard.
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Do you watch any youtube channels about homesteading?
I'm a disgusting city retard but I often dream about finding a willing wife and building a nice little farm to raise animals and veggies.
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What breed of puppy will attract 18 year old white women?
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/dog/ - Dog General

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Whales and Dolphins

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Whale and dolphin thread

Dog Smell

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Why is it so fucking good? I'm addicted to it. As long as a dog isn't sick or anything and hasn't rolled in some dead animal they are the best smelling thing ever. Any time I'm with my dog, or even with someone elses dog, I can't stop myself from burying my nose in their neck fluff and taking a big whiff. It's such a warm, spicy, earthy smell. I can't get enough.