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Was it ahead of its time?

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Do you watch any youtube channels about homesteading?
I'm a disgusting city retard but I often dream about finding a willing wife and building a nice little farm to raise animals and veggies.
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What breed of puppy will attract 18 year old white women?
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Whales and Dolphins

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Whale and dolphin thread

Dog Smell

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Why is it so fucking good? I'm addicted to it. As long as a dog isn't sick or anything and hasn't rolled in some dead animal they are the best smelling thing ever. Any time I'm with my dog, or even with someone elses dog, I can't stop myself from burying my nose in their neck fluff and taking a big whiff. It's such a warm, spicy, earthy smell. I can't get enough.

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>Dude save the nature

But why?

In wild nature all species reproduce in excess, way past the carrying capacity of their niche. In her lifetime a lioness might have 20 cubs; a pigeon, 150 chicks; a mouse, 1000 kits; a trout, 20,000 fry, a tuna or cod, a million fry or more; and an oyster, perhaps a hundred million spat. If one assumes that the population of each of these species is, from generation to generation, roughly equal, then on average only one offspring will survive to replace each parent. All the other thousands and millions will die due to different factors, including hostile weather conditions, natural disasters, diseases of many different kinds, parasitism, hunger and thirst, conflicts with other animals, accidents that can cause them severe injuries and predation. However, because they are very young when they die, they are likely not to have had opportunities to enjoy any pleasures. They experience little more than the pain of their death and distress that preceded it. Due to this, suffering appears to outweigh happiness in their lives. Unfortunately, these animals are probably a vast majority of those who come into existence. Mother nature makes Frank Perdue look like a saint.

If I love and care about animals why would I support things like preservation or reintroduction of wildlife which these people are promoting? fuck these heartless assholes.

Instead I would rather focus on reducing wildlife population to the amount that can be effectively manage to provide animals with protection and care.
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Mammoth cube

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Pet abandonment

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Have you ever abandoned your pets or know someone who did?
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What's the most exotic animal you've seen in the wild?
For me it's a Peacock.

Pic semirelated because it doesn't make sense. I was in Tennessee when I saw it, but they apparently don't live there?
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