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My African clawed frog somehow got it's toe injured and I believe it got infected with chytrid fungus. Is there any antifungals I can buy (I already have Pimafix but I can't find anything saying it works, also my car is broken down at the moment so I can't go to my LFS) or is he fucked?

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I’m having trouble pairing my wiimote with my cat. Any tips?
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I tossed a bunch of pasta in boiling water and accidentally boiled alive a family of moths and their caterpillars.
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How many of you have a job related to animals?
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chimp thread itt post chimps

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mom just killed this at her job in Oklahoma. Does anyone know what kind of snake it is?
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This is my fat cat
She turns into a goblin sometimes when she cleans herself
Say something nice

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I have alot of money saved and I also want to start a rescure ranch but in Po(or)land. Like this guy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv3mh2P-q3UCtR9-2q8B-ZA
/An/y advice?
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Is salami bad for cats?
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have you unlocked your dream dog yet
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