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Was it ahead of its time?

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Post the most American-looking dog

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Fish Identification Thread

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I caught this fish in freshwater in Texas, could anyone help me identify it? I researched on the animal glossary for native species and invasive species online which came to no avail... my fish identification app (fish brain) also cannot identify the fish.
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Can I pet them? A while ago I was by the river and one of them came near me.

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based fat cat :)

Rats please post rats

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Just got these two yesterday, can we get a /RAT/ general going?
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Were they in the wrong? Would you put your doggo down in the same situation?
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I tossed a bunch of pasta in boiling water and accidentally boiled alive a family of moths and their caterpillars.
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Mosquitoes are the most useless pieces of shit, genocide when????
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gorilla bread, post gorils
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