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Not counting homicidal humans or mosquitos, which animals are considered the most dangerous towards humans?
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I have to keep my buddy's Cockatiel for 3 weeks.

Anything i should know about those birds ?
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What's your favorite geological period
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On death and death's imitation

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I came home to this sight on my lunch break. Backed off until he got up and started foraging again, then advanced on him. Did this 2 or 3 times for a laugh. Went inside, ate, and when I came back out, he was stiff on the sidewalk with flies in his mouth.
RIP to a real one.
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Horse cavalry/relationships

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Dunno if this is the best board to ask this, maybe /k/?

But i was wondering, cavalrymen and there horses.. did they have any kind of relationship? I grew up riding horses and definitely knew the difference and trust in the ones who id built a relationship with, and ones id just met or rode once or twice. Id think itd be assanine to ride into battle on a creature without that trust. But i also understand having to have that distance a bit i suppose as your love of the animal could endager you/others. Were soldiers even assigned horses? Or were the animals just so well trained it was "jump on the nearest one"?

Tl;dr - do cavalry men have a relationship with thier horses outside of just being transport?
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I've always heard that powered flight evolved 4 times on earth: bugs, pterosaurs, birds, bats. Has it evolved any other time? Are there any other entirely extinct lineages of flying animals other than pterosaurs? Are there any lineages that got close?
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Weird image thread
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How would a T-Rex manage to kill anything? You can see him from miles away and everybody would run away by the time he comes.
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I found this bee drowning in my dogs water outside;_;
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