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List your top three favourite animals and people make guesses about you.
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Horse General

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It's May Already Edition
Previous thread: >>3765171
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>developed brain, blood and eyes independently from all the rest
>developed completely original mode of transport and interaction
>brain scattered throughout the body, as far that tentacles remaining functional even when cut off, trying to hunt prey and feed non-existent mouth
>literal shapeshifters
>extremely intelligent, some estimates saying they could reach dolphin-level intelligence if it weren't for the age limitations
>tool use and socialization outside their own species
>we still can't really examine them properly because they are so outside of every measurement for animals we developed

Cephalopods are the coolest animals on this planet and criminally underrepresented here
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/kot/ - Cat General

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Cute tongue sticking out edition.
Please check older threads before asking common cat questions. Be as detailed as possible when you ask something. Let's post and talk about cats!
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Should animal hoarders be put in prison?

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Borzoi thread

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Yeah I'm thinking we're gonna need another Borzoi thread

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what's up
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