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Will rabbits survive global warming and ecological collapse? I am not an optimistic man, but as long as there are rabbits, I can be happy.
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Unorthodox food you give your pets

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I give my pomeranian Doritos. She hunts for them now. Never seen her climb until I left Doritos on the table. She jumped up and tried to get into the bag.
She wont eat hear dog treats unless it's the only thing left.
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So basically cats let us have parental instincts for 15 years at least.
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>I hope I make it to page 10 before anyone sees me...
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Hi /an/. Who is this guy? Found him on my bed, he's kinda rad looking.

Am I a bad person for dropping off the stray cats to the scpa

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I want to start a chicken farm and I live in an urban shithole filled with cats. I'm going to start capturing them and dropping them at the spca to get gassed because I don't have the heart to do it myself.
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Found this bird alone in the backyard. Anyone has an idea what it might be and how do I save it. It can glide a bit but definitely not able to fly. I fed him some flies that I killed.
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were dinosaurs cute?
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Jesus Christ
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