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anyone know where I can find an underground extremist Ecodefense group? Looking to blow up some dams and cut some pipes. Any resources/ info is nice or did all that die in the 70s?
asking for a friend
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>are you okay, anon?
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bee yourself
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Bird thread

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Post birds, appreciate birds
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This is a cat.
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Why is pete so beautiful?
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Snake ID help

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My mom sent me a low-res photo of a snake she saw near her home in the San Francisco Bay Area. The head suggests gopher snake to me, but all the gopher snakes I’ve ever seen were skinnier and shinier. But it’s got a narrower head than I’ve ever seen on a rattler.

Is there a third option, or am I just wrong about snake heads?

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I love animals but seeing animals in pain physically hurts my soul

I just stood in line behind this guy who had some sort of muscular skeleton disease and was in an electric wheel chair, and had a golden retriever on a leash at his side

The poor dog looked so exhausted and slightly overweight and badly needed a haircut as well :( it was nice to see that the animal provided him comfort and companionship but I felt so bad for the poor dog he looked miserable and dead inside :( it takes alot to make a golden look like that

Just venting I guess, I love all the animals in the world but realizing how many suffer every day gives me physical pain
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The most charismatic dog breed, they're my favorites
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