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Cat not doing well

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I was away for a day and when I came back I noticed that something was wrong with my cat. Her eyes were fully dilated and when she walked around I could tell that she could not see. Unsure of her age, but I have a picture of her from September of 1999 (and I had her a few months before then as well), so she is at least 18.

Yesterday, I took her in to the vet and her systolic was very high. He gave me some medication and said that the cat may have detached retinas. Could not get her to eat or drink at all.

This morning, she was lying on the floor making struggled breathing sounds and her mouth was open slightly and tongue out. She was moving her front legs and it appeared to be involuntary. I think overall, she may have had a stroke or something.

I am having her put down later on today. I put her in front of a heater because she felt a little bit cold, is there anything else I should do to make her comfortable?