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every argument against zoophilia is also a hidden argument for veganism. both say that you shouldnt ruin the life of an animal for your own hedonistic enjoyment when there are viable alternatives, like dating humans instead and eating ßoy / geneticly engineered meat replacements.
any other "argument" against the above works only on basis that animal welfare doesnt matter, and by appealing to a man-made abstract idea of "natural order" founded on religious thinking that is not even consistent across the globe.

the madness with this goes even further: Man has sex with a goat? kill both. why? because the guy had non-reproductive sex, and killing him will keep him from passing on his degenerate genes! why kill the goat? to protect the poor animal from rape!
human life is sacred it seems, unless some nutjob decides someone makes the wrong decisions about their own life.

Also imagine being against pedophilia while eating a steak cut from a human child. wouldnt that be morally sound? I'm a vegan non-furry btw, dont know if that matters.