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Eli Ayase

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It's that time again where we celebrate the birthday of one of the most beautiful girls to ever be shown on television: Eli Ayase.
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Honoka Kousaka Thread

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Happy birthday to the best leader of μ's!
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Misato Thread #2

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Continuation of >>4137513
Post more of Evangelion's best girl!
Discussions are welcome.
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Waifu Thread #168

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Love is in the air
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Umi Sonoda Thread

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Today it's Umi's day!
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Mari Ohara

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Happy Birthday, pretty girl!
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Waifu Thread #165

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Waifu and you lost in each other's eyes.
I don't think either of you want to find a way out.
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Living Headless & Dullahan (+ head only girls) #5

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/c/elty edition
Cute headless girls make life happier
Remember to relax and take it easy, we're all friends here
Previous thread: >>3981784
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