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K-On! Thread #64

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How much does /c/ like K-On?
>The best High School rock band in the world!

>K-ON! Music History's Box (aka the whole 13 disc soundtrack) + Disc 14 (all Instrumentals) in one rar file.

>The K-On movie art archive was recently dumped online for the first time ever too
(Thanks to the anon!)

The Manga Super illustration book

And the Movie Creator Message book

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Saten Ruiko

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A thread for my wife Saten. Other railgun girls are welcome too. I will also post a poem about her.

On her head a face so fair
The wind blows and waves her hair

The light betrays eyes of blue
That grace her face in one and two
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post em
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Miyuki Takara

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She's a sweet and considerate meganekko, perfect for wholesome caring.
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Nanachi thread #53

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Man, the voice actor of Nanachi in the dub could have been amazing if they fit in more nnaa's like the sub. Also, I found the picture that compared Nanachi in the manga/preview to the anime afterwards.
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Schhol uniforms

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last one hit image limit
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Nia Teppelin

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It's my birthday! Can we please have a Nia thread? I love Nia so much!
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No Nui Harime thread? I think cuteness herself deserves a thread on the cute board! Please post cute Nuis in here!
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Mio Akiyama Fan Club #107

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This thread is dedicated to Mio Akiyama from the K-On! series.

Mio is the mature but scaredy-cat
bassist, and second vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time.

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This might sound weirdly specific, but can we have a thread for nerdy, weird, awkward, shy or alternative girls with straight/blunt bangs and glasses?
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