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Random #23

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I didn't even realize we hit a new thread. Time for a new one!

Post any and all girls who don't have their own general.
From retro favorites to no-name background characters, all are welcome.
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Ann Takamaki & Shiho Suzui / 高巻杏と鈴井志帆 Thread

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1. Remember that we share the thread with other posters! Try not to post too many images at once, so everyone gets their turn! Also, don't be rude!
2. Try to source your images! If you know the source to an image, please include it in your post!
3. Try to focus on posting new images! Remember you can check the archives to find the many great ones that were already posted!

Previous thread:

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Hidamari Sketch Thread

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Wide archive.

Previous wide thread.

Time to prepare for Yuno's birthday.
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sixth thread for this badass beauty
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Nakano Sisters Thread

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Today is the birthday of Nakano sisters!
Let's celebrate!
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Reisen Udongein Inaba Thread #5

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Previous thread >>3867980
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I forgot to make a Teto thread on her birthday...
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wacky artstyle thread?

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Talking about that tkmizu ripoff shit, that jet set radio shit, that twitter lain with angel wings smoking a ciggie and also there's gore somewhere shit, i'm talking about that digital painting draingang rainbow tylenol stylised lucky star arms race shit, ya feel me?
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Rem #42

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The 42nd thread from zero
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Kantai Collection / KanColle General

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Feels free to share your love for our beloved kanmusu.
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