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Cringe Thread

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I saw this video and thoughg it calls for a new cringe thread since the old one saged:

Does anyone have screenshots of cgl and btb posts?
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Lolita General

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Old thread >>8533631
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Australia Cosplay Thread 25.5

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Less than a month til Sydnova. How yo coping?
Who or what is giving you the shites?
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Another day, another kickstarter

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cgl's repeat photographer topic offender sets out to try and do what Anna Fischer did.

Majority of the cosplayers live between Georgia and Alabama, so why is 27K needed exactly?

Pros: at least he has some male cosplayers
Cons: obviously choose a few because of their cosplay fanbase or revealing cosplay portfolio.
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Touhou General

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canon and alternate designs welcome. does anyone have any upcoming cosplans? TouhouCon?
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Okay, so I have been here for a while and seen my share of posts and what not. But this... This costume, can somebody please give the full story behind this abomination?
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Larme kei thread. Tulle skirts edition, they are so good.

Previous thread is 300+ >>8426471
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New Closet of Frills thread

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Last one hit auto-sage.

I'm a little torn about this. I think different hair would look better, but a part of me really likes it.
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Anyone going to Las Vegas this weekend?
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Brit thread

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LFCC this weekend, any going?
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