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Okay, so I have been here for a while and seen my share of posts and what not. But this... This costume, can somebody please give the full story behind this abomination?
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Larme kei thread. Tulle skirts edition, they are so good.

Previous thread is 300+ >>8426471
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New Closet of Frills thread

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Last one hit auto-sage.

I'm a little torn about this. I think different hair would look better, but a part of me really likes it.
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Anyone going to Las Vegas this weekend?
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Brit thread

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LFCC this weekend, any going?
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What grinds your gears cgl?

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Couldn't find a thread about this in the catalog.

>people who keep preaching "cosplay is just for fun!!!!" and won't accept that there is a thing called skill levels that is existent in cosplay just like there is in art.
>People who act like they're cosfamous even though no one barely knows about them
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Still looks like a guy in a wig

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Why does she continue to try? Honestly she is just the worst and the constant freeloading from Her white enabling white knights only makes Her worse
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UK Britfag Shenanigans

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Old one autosaged. Anyone at LAGC this weekend?
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I remember seeing this girl (Bitsy Cosplay) around here a year ago and now she is blowing up at my local cons. Anyone know about her or anything. Also discuss how you get popular in the cosplay community
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Is there any proof of this?
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