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Arcade Con- Irish General

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So the last thread was deleted? So ten days to Arcade Con..
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Gail Rego

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So any reports from Q Con?
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Sexy Naughty Nurse

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Florida General

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Metrocon thread's hitting 300, Hero Hype's getting up there, Supercon's shit. Let's come together.
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Is it just me, or does Jillian Vessey make very cringe worthy videos? She just uploaded this video.
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MetroCon 2015

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Now that the abomination that was Omni Expo is over,

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Feels Thread

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>attending comm meet
>haven't seen the comm in at least 6 months
>have a new dress to wear
>feels good man

>worked a 13+ hour shift the other day
>gonna spend it on lolita
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Who is this??
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Fakeness in Cosplay

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I'm really annoyed at how fake the community has become lately. Good example Yashafluff to her fans they think she's so nice when she isn't. She begs her "friends" to make her Cosplays and never does any herself. She doesn't even lift a finger to pay for their work. Which makes me more mad because they complain about it constantly yet never do anything about it. And she's become nothing but a stuck up bitch over some damn Facebook likes, thinking that everyone should do shit for her. And her and Luvnatsu hate eachother like HATE eachother yet pretend to be friends it's so stupid how fake the community can be.
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