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Animazement Pt 2

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Pt 1: >>8292951
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aus fags go
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Bad Cosplay

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I hate it when people are cosfamous only because of their giant ugly tits. It doesn't hide the fact that their cosplays are sloppy and inaccurate lmfao

Ma You Rong (洪蓉)
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Convention Parties And Raves

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Best experiences at a con party/rave?
Worst experience at a con party/rave?

Are there any conventions that you go to just to check out room parties, bars, and dances in your cosplay?
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s there's one for cosplay, can we have a stories about crazy lolitas thread?
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Who's up against bullying in the Lolita community? I am!
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I am a slowpoke.

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Have you heard about that one psychopath who kills female cosplayers yet guys?
The one that lives in Chicago?
His name is Christopher Jason Ross.
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Worthwhile Californian Conventions

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This year will be my first year not attending ax in the last decade due to vacation conflicts. Does anyone have any summer conventions recommendations in preferably socal after mid July. With so many conventions popping up and dying out in the area, I'm not sure which ones are worth my money.
Additionally seagulls, what usually makes or breaks a convention for you?
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Has anyone bought from here?

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Has anyone bought from
The site looks well put together and they have a lot of pretty unique contacts that Honeycolor and Pinkyparadise don't have.
They also have pictures of a models wearing every contact they have for sale so you won't have to guess what it'd look like on or look up reviews. It seems really great and all but I can hardly find any reviews but the reviews I've seen were good. So if anyone has any info on this site please tell me!
Also contacts general!
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3 days and counting.

Are you going? What are you going as? What guests are you going to see this year? What panels are you interested in?

And are you ready for the cringefest of the skits during the cosplay contest?

Hell no you aren't.

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