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Con Gangbang Experiences

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Anyone ever been to one? My experience:

Me and two friends were hype for ColossalCon. Before we even got to the convention center, a Discord bud had been planning an afterparty. He wanted it to be some wild adult role-play thing or w/e.

The day finally arrives and we walk into the con. Wall to wall cosplayers in costumes, typical costhots, you know the deal.

After slogging around main floor and wrapping up the first day we make our way to his hotel penthouse suite where he's hosting the afterparty. My buddy is still in full costume and welcomes us with drinks. He points us to another closed room in the suite and winks.

Inside there were about a dozen people all in full cosplay gear with Moe Shop blasting in the background. In the middle of the room was a mattress with some blindfolded girl in a Ganyu costume getting railed by some dude dressed up as Ed from FMA. Think we had arrived a little early because most people were still just eyeing the scene and nervously chatting in an awkward semi-circle around the two.

After awhile people start to get buzzed and some guy starts yelling "go for the horns!" and soon everyone's shouting "HORNS, HORNS" lol. Ed guy then reaches over and grabs her by her kinda shitty 3D printed horns and starts going to pound town doggy style. They get ripped off (lol) but she's too horny to notice and then another guy joins in and shoves his cock in her mouth. Since she's blindfolded a bunch of other guys started to get the same idea and soon multiple guys were rotating out of her holes while she was still in doggy.

Pretty sure some guys finished in her but it was too dark to tell. Learned afterwards that apparently someone swiped her regular clothes and shoes so she had to Uber back to her hotel as cum covered Ganyu lmao

Kinda left the con feeling like we'd witnessed peak degen weeb. 10/10 would repeat.

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Any color suggestions that I can successfully dye away this hideous green?
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If an anon went to an anime or comic con in your city would you spend the days with him or her at the convention as their gf or bf. If he or she bought you the ticket/food and some volvasur plush or Cyclops figure or whatever. After that con is over may be anons could make up or fuck at the hotel next to the con anon is staying. For as long as the con lasts. asking for an anon.. x_x Aaaahhh !!!

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I want to go to a convention in japan. If me and a friend of mine do cosplay, do you think the japanese are going to make fun of us?
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Suzupoii thread
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half-life soldier cosplay

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criticisms and suggestions are appreciated :)
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I just realized people have sex at cons, god I wish I hadn't been born ugly and grown this old. People were actually fucking while I stuffed my bag with merch and took pretty pictures

Oh the things I missed out on although I kinda didn't because I never had the chance
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Con room horror stories

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So I roomed with other people this year of the first time and it was actually a fantastic time. Why do people always make this seem like shit? Any of you got any horror stories
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Cosplay drama: how to effectively solve it?

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I want to start this discussion here.

People who join the cosplay community only to pull strings so they can have power and trump on others, to push selfish agendas and forgetting to just suit the fuck up and not be such manipulative assholes.

How can we stop these people from joining cosplay, and once they're creating trouble, how to effectively isolate these people to the point they won't go to the comic cons anymore?
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