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/Cgl/ Confessions

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You know what this is
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Stupid questions thread

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Last thread >>10603014
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Nanchatte General: wishing I had nanchatte friends edition

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Old thread is kill.
>Show your newest purchases!
>Post brand and non-brand inspo pics!
>Share your coords and make!
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Sexpo Cosplay

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Guess who won. What a fine cosplay.
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New mail thread, last one is in autosage
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Feels thread

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Cute delinquents edition.

Stay on topic, and don't reply to bait.
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Trying to find a better replacement for my Old Joseph beard.

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I used this in the past and while it gets the job done, I don't really feel it matches the character 100% (plus it's a bitch to drink/eat with). Any suggestions?

Period Problems

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Have you ever been so excited for a meetup or con only to wake up and discover it's that time of the month?
Have you ever started while at a con or meetup?
Do you still go dressed up and risk it, or do you just not bother?
Any horror stories? Any solutions?
Haven't seen a thread like this so why not
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Women cosplayers

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Why do women complain about sexualized characters and yet they mostly cosplay as over sexualized characters?

Why do venues allow sometimes almost naked cosplays? Shouldn't that be against the rules? Given how strict they are with other things.

Do women dressing like this is how they really want to be dress like this in real life but can't. But they get away with it at cons because it seems normal.

This situations confuses me.
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"Lolita at heart"

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Who lolita at heart here who was never able to wear or afford the clothes but you follow the fashion as if you're ever going to participate in it
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