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Newcon PDX pt 2: Meltdown/abandon ship edition

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Last thread is here: >>9394992

Archive of last thread (when it is eventually pushed off the board) can be found here:

Newcon aka Anime PDX is an anime convention in Portland, Oregon. The convention head has not only cheated guests and individuals out of payment every year, but they have also personally gaslit, cheated, stolen from, attempted rape, and defrauded people in the Portland cosplay community.

The convention is committing payroll tax fraud, misallocating funds on purpose. In addition, they recently switched from a "nonprofit" organization to a "for profit" organization, but are running under an expired business license. The convention head is embezzling money from the convention by using the Newcon PayPal for his own personal banking/fun money. He has made a living out of dodging lawsuits and leeching off of innocent people, leaving them in the dust when it's time to move on to the next group.

Every time when under enough pressure as to why the fuck Newcon hasn't paid their bills, the convention will issue an excuse that retreads the same half assed apology about disorganization, citing "miscommunication", and that they are a "young convention" of 6 years. This is a pattern of behavior, and they're going to keep at it for as long as they can. The convention will only pay once it's threatened with legal action or actually sued.

Since the last thread, artists and vendors are canceling tables, the Portland Lolita community has boycotted future attendance, guests are backing out, and an executive has quit. Keep the momentum going, spread the word, don't let this convention continue to steal money.

Report the convention/convention head for tax evasion/fraud through this link:
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Hi, I work for AM. AMA /cgl/

I have something that will shock and disappoint you about John Leigh and Misako Aoki.
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BRUHH samus aran cosplay

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her name is momokun cosplay... youre welcome
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Sailor Moon Cosplay

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Need some inspiration and motivation to work on my Sailor Moon cosplay.
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Artist Alley Thread

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>Taobao/Alibaba services

Topics of discussion:
What are you guys working on atm?
Have you noticed any odd trends in what is popular this season that you didn't expect?
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You have 10 seconds to prove you're from ancient, primordial /cgl/
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I know this is still a couple months away but I'm gonna be going to this con for the first time and it'll also be my first time doing some actual travelling (plane) to a convention.

what's it like? things to avoid? must-do's?
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Online comm thread

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Old thread: >>9265946

Link to this post (since it can't be viewed on OP's own blog):
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What do you guys do about costumes/props/pictures being used and not credited properly? Not the whole China-stole-my-picture-for-cheap-advertising but actual big name cosplayers not giving credit when it's due. How do you guys deal with that? Pic unrelated.
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Instagram Thread!

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I only made an account recently and I'm looking for more cosplayers to follow. Please post your favorite cosers on Insta, link to your own page if you'd like, and let's try making new Insta friends based on our passion for this craft and fandom love!
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