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Tiktok and danganrompa destroyed cosplay
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Angelic Pretty General: Cotton Edition

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Old thread >>10609421
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Indie Brands Recommendations and Honest Reviews

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I really enjoyed the last thread we had of this so I decided to make a new one. Related to the pic, does anyone have any experience buying from Whimsy Kei Shop? They have a collection dropping tomorrow that I'm debating on snagging
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Online Community Thread: Painful Edition

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Last thread >>10579585
A thread to discuss the online community happenings.
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Feels thread

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Uh Oh Stinky edition
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Is gatekeeping actually a bad thing? What if it helps improve public perception of cosplay by driving away the cringe cosplayers?
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UK/Britfag Thread Boogaloo

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No I Love snow fags edition.

Endless days of lockdown.
Vaccines being rolled out.
Cons set to return later on in the year.
>they say

Any plans at ALL for this year, Brit anons?
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Ita Thread

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Last thread >>10610465
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Price Check Thread

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prev: >>10504619

how much for this?
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it is strawberry picking season! post inspo for strawberry coords, especially if you would wear them to pick strawberries.
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