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Are there any good cons in this damn country?

Help lmao

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Yo I need some help , I agreed to go in cosplay to a convention coming up around me and I agreed to go in cosplay even though I’ve never done it can anyone give an easy cosplay I could do
Pic above is my build idk if it helps but I thought it might

Secondhand Market Chaos: Rose Ribbon Embroidery Edition

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Previous thread: >>10627801
Last thread was saging
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Anime Midwest 2021

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So, this is apparently a thing that's happening.
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Sexy Male Cosplays

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Let's share some sexy male cosplayers for a change.
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Is it true that you guys here hate her?
If so, why? She seems nice and cute.

/BST/ Thread - Buy, Sell, Trade

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Previous >>10572892

This thread is for buying, selling or trading. Please keep OT or tangent discussions about shopping services or price checks to their own thread to avoid clutter (make it if you don't see one). Use Lolita General for general buying questions or complaints.

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips (updated):
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Lolita Confessions

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Last Thread >>10625431

Confess your sins and be set free!
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Surviving Summer in Frills

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There's going to be a heat wave in my city this week. My parasol is ready but my gothic wardrobe is crying.
How do you gulls survive the heat? What are your go to pieces for the hottest days of Summer?
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Foreign Outfits in Japan

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I wonder why the playboy bunny uniform burrowed so deep into the Japanese conscious that it became a staple "sexy outfit" in japans culture. it's even more prevalent than nurse outfits "for recreational purposes" and pretty much on par with maids. and even those two are just skimpy versions of something that already exists. Only other outfit that exist as it's own thing and not just a "sexy" version of something else that I can think of would be the belly dancer outfit, and it does show up in anime and japanese games. but definitely not to the same degree. would anyone happen to have some insight on it, or even have more styles and outfits similar to the two mentioned?