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Online Community Thread: Of Herbs And Cheap Wigs Edition

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A thread to discuss the online community happenings.
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scammer chan is back

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owner of now very dead egl store one day in paradise is selling her brand for dirt cheap, denying having scammed thousands out of auscomm
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my husband reviews lolita dresses

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a thread that absolutely nobody asked for and probably nobody wants, but if you want to know the opinions of a 27 year old guy who wears gym shorts like 6 days a week here we go alright alright

first up we have Baby's Dancing Baby Bear jsk in white

"it looks really cheap, it looks plain and poorly defined. the material doesn't look good. it needs more layers. it looks like some quincenera shit and if this is high fashion, honey we're all doomed"
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What do you feel about cosplay modeling and the system they have with photographers during big events like Comiket or whatever?
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WTF Burando Thread

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Post ugly brand, indie brands too.
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What do you think off my cool as shit biker cosplay also What should I name my solo music slash live show with dance act? I do biker punk. Please only serious answers, I don't got time to waste

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Do you guys ever LARP as uwu aristocrats or princesses at tea parties? I almost like the idea of setting up a kawaii victorian style tea party more than I like wearing lolita. What kind of reactions do other girls give you when you start LARPing? I get the feeling most of them are anime and video game nerds, so they've seen their fair share of autism. Post tea party ideas and recipes ITT I guess.
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Would aluminum foil with white duct tape over it last for atleast a few weeks?
I'm making an astronaut costume and i will use white duct tape to make the exterior cloth
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