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Cgl mods are a bunch of femcells and beta males. You are complete losers. This board is trash. All of you lolita women are ugly and overcompensate by spending all your money on a bunch of ugly dresses. Only asians look good in lolita because they have small body types that look cute. This board is cringe. You're all cringe.

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I hear this is where the women on 4chan post.

Hello ladies, do you want sum fuk?
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bunny suit came in!

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think it looks good!!!!!
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Wardrobe Thread

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Everyone's wardrobe usually has an obvious style or styles, such as a wardrobe that's mostly sweet, but what's the thing that makes your wardrobe yours? Is there an unusual running theme in your wardrobe, such as prints with bears on them, certain types of lace, or very specific colours? Do you collect specific accessories or only one type of shoe in different colours?
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Feels Thread

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red hair

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red hair is like Cosplay
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We have vaccines and restrictions ending soon

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Why conventions are still going covidwoke?

Example one - Colossalcon Prime - Ohio's lockdowns end on June 1st. They still keeping up with the covidwoke BS
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can you buy me a coffee?

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Hi bros this is my first post on /cgl/. I'm working on my first cosplay ever and have decided to go for Mereum from Hunter X Hunter as his facial structure is quite similar to my own. [spoiler:lit] focusing on face only for now [/spoiler:lit] Im new to this so I was wondering how I should go about creating the helmet shown in pic related. My friend has a 3D printer I can use btw.