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Galaxycon Raleigh

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The first con to return here in NC. who's going?
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Embracing your natural features in cosplay

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Have you ever chosen a cosplay specifically because you had natural features that made the cosplay easier to pull off or better looking?
Perhaps you're unusually tall and lanky and were well suited to cosplay a character with similar proportions because of it. Or maybe you're an androgynous looking woman and can convincingly portray male characters without much effort. Or you've simply got the same natural eye color as a character and didn't need to purchase contacts for that reason.
Pic not really related
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Get one's hair colored red.

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It's like Cosplay.
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with covid as well as it’s delta variant, what will happen from the first big convention? Will it be a super spreader event?
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Hi. Can people post some shiny cosplay?
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Would the men of /cgl/ attend a male only con? Discuss how it would go, what you would hope for out of it. There would be no women around at all.
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Koom, süsser Tod... Edition

>What is /cgflg/?
- This is a thread for people to find the true love of their life, right here on /cgl/!

>Allowed Discussion Topics
- Ideas on how to approach /cgl/ girls, -itas, etc.
- Advice on how to work towards getting a cosplay GF
- Ideal cosplay to do with your girlfriend
- Talking about what you're looking for in a /cgl/ girlfriend
- What you can offer to them and for them
- Couples cosplay pics, ideas, etc.
- Best places to find girls interested in dating that are into /cgl/ stuff

>DON'T Discuss
- Sexist comments (from either side)
- Any type of trans- / cis- / homo- /etc. phobia
- Drama, period
- Anything that isn't related to getting, desiring, etc. a /cgl/ type GF

- Perfume
- http://www.luckyscent.com/
- http://www.theperfumedcourt.com/
- Couples Cosplay Ideas
- https://rogersenpai.com/cosplay-ideas-for-couples/
- https://www.xcoos.com/blog/couple-cosplay-idea/
- https://www.pinterest.com/sburkar/cosplay-couple-ideas/

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I have the urge to attend a con!

Too bad the local cons are downsized and doing covid protocol. How am I supposed to join tbe con orgy if we have to stay 6 feet appart?
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Jojo cosplay thread

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CoF Thread: Hell cat edition

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previous thread >>>10641303
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