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Cursed knock-offs pics

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I saw some funny-looking usakumya knock-offs and was wondering if anyone has more to share.
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Gerber Mark 2 prop / rubber knife

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Is there a place to custom order or purchase rubber knives for cosplaying? Specifically looking for the attached image. There was a seller on etsy but the item is no longer available.

Wardrobe Thread

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It's been a while since the last one.

Everyone's wardrobe usually has an obvious style or styles, such as a wardrobe that's mostly sweet, but what's the thing that makes your wardrobe yours? Is there an unusual running theme in your wardrobe, such as prints with bears on them, certain types of lace, or very specific colours? Do you collect specific accessories or only one type of shoe in different colours?
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>tfw not meeting cute cosplay traps
If only I weren't too socially retarded to go to cons

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Swole cosplay thread.

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I need inspiration for muscular cosplay ideas. I have been bulking up in quarantine and now I'm 5'9 230 lbs with 15% bodyfat. Please post muscular cosplays for inspiration!
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Lifestyle and well-being

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Let's discuss
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bunny suit came in!

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think it looks good!!!!!
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Cute and unique fursuits
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Coord Help Thread: JJBA Edition

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Post your coord help questions here.

Bonus: Request a coord collage with perimeters for bored anons to fil!
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Dutch Thread: “The Gas Leak Year” Edition

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Previous thread: >>10355423
>Event's closed, COVID.
>Anon: LunLun best girl.
>Online cons happened: ended up being mostly a fun gimmick while the world adjusted.
>Catching a cheater rigging votes in a cosplay contest, so you counter-cheat and rig votes so she won't win.
>NozLan has decided to call it quits as daily life takes its toll. End of an era.
>Anon: What to do with bootleg figures?
>SBS6 is looking for weebs to make fun of in a new singing show.
>Rekindle crew got rekindled and started 2 new projects.
>Dutch karaoke stand wars.
>Dokomi happened and their Twitch channel allegedly got temp banned for showing a hentai manga ad or some shit.
>Tomo going for yet another bad PR approach while organizing a market during a lockdown, resulting in shit getting way out of hand, a 36 visitor event getting cancelled and allegedly losing 18k. Also receiving personal threats which is not cool.
>Probably some other stuff I didn't bother to write down. Sorry, I've been non-stop tired the past few months.

Upcoming major events:
>Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time (January 23, 2021, Japan), the conclusion of the Rebuild series.
No agenda link as I haven't updated it yet and probably wont update it until 2021 due to obvious reasons.

Links and advice:
>The RTX30xx series is a solid GPU upgrade if you haven’t done an upgrade for a while.
>Site I haven’t updated in forever: https://dutchgulls.nl
>Discord: https://discord.gg/QAYNyfY
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