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Cof Thread: sticker test edition

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Old thread: >>10600269
I made this op for my apparel studio class and finally got around to taking pictures of it! Concrit welcome
Op: handmade
Necklace: vintage
Everything else: taobao
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people in your community that are just down right embarrassing/gross?

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i don't mean newbies, people who are just genuinely embarrassing and gross, it's just an unsaid agreement to avoid them?
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Japanese Shop Staff and Customer Coords pt 2

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Old thread: >>10537544

Alternative jfash shop staff often post the coords they wear to work, and the coords their customers wear while shopping, to social media. Sometimes it feels like with Harajuku gentrifying, and iconic magazines going under, some shop staff are working extra hard as brand ambassadors and social media managers in their own right. They consistently share creative, fun content as well as the usual sales and marketing messages.

Let's continue to share and discuss some of their social media work.
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CGL Secret Santa 2020: Maybe my presents will arrive for next Christmas!

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Previous Thread >>10530454

>Shipping Deadline: PASSED
>Grinch Check: January 31, 2021


If you would like to help with grinched gulls, please email us! Sending a gift this year will automatically Whitelist you for next year!

Remember: Sharing photos is COMPULSORY and is included in the rules! To help us out, please add your ID and gift tier to the image so it is easy to sort and we can add it to the album!

IDs have been assigned! Please use that to contact your matches in the threads! If you are getting no response, let us know and we can contact via email!

If you have received a bad gift/ think you have been grinched.. email us ASAP!

Help implement new rules and voice your opinions, answers will be anonymous (even from the anonymous imageboard) but will be turned into data and shared. Help decide who gets the ban-hammer this year, and what gets a ban in future events! And voice opinions on some gifts from this year and years passed so we can make clear what the expectations are. Its really hard to tell the general consensus from posts, so please fill out the form!

(making seagull pictures is what I use my waste of time graphic design degree for)
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/hlg/ Hijab lolita general

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Any hijab lolitas around?
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Colossalcon general thread. Its a month out so I figured we needed a real thread. Post your plans, cosplays, and other fun things. Doomers need not apply.

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Koom, süsser Tod... Edition

>What is /cgflg/?
- This is a thread for people to find the true love of their life, right here on /cgl/!

>Allowed Discussion Topics
- Ideas on how to approach /cgl/ girls, -itas, etc.
- Advice on how to work towards getting a cosplay GF
- Ideal cosplay to do with your girlfriend
- Talking about what you're looking for in a /cgl/ girlfriend
- What you can offer to them and for them
- Couples cosplay pics, ideas, etc.
- Best places to find girls interested in dating that are into /cgl/ stuff

>DON'T Discuss
- Sexist comments (from either side)
- Any type of trans- / cis- / homo- /etc. phobia
- Drama, period
- Anything that isn't related to getting, desiring, etc. a /cgl/ type GF

- Perfume
- http://www.luckyscent.com/
- http://www.theperfumedcourt.com/
- Couples Cosplay Ideas
- https://rogersenpai.com/cosplay-ideas-for-couples/
- https://www.xcoos.com/blog/couple-cosplay-idea/
- https://www.pinterest.com/sburkar/cosplay-couple-ideas/

Previous Thread: >>10586767
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>*kills your sport*
Is this weight lifting's final death blow? Will Power Lifting take its place at the Olympics?
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