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A new thread for the german seagulls.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room:
is DoKomi going to happen in August?

NRW has released the reopening of tradefairs and events again today. Does that mean we get another con after months of break? At least their website seems to not have changed anything and ticket sale is still open.

And are any other events besides Dokomi planned at all this year or did all of them cancel already?
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Lolita Lifestyle and Well-being

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Discussion starters:
>what lolita-adjacent hobbies are you trying to get into?
>what non-lolita-esque hobbies are you trying to quit?
>what media are you watching/listening to/ reading that is lolita appropriate?
>What are you trying to do to make your environment (home) look lolita-esque?

Last Thread: >>10596223
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Diet AX 2021 thread

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9 days to go


Guests are up BTW.

What would’ve been your cosplay plans for this year’s AX if this year didn’t go to shit?
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Aliexpress Thread: Mid Year Shopping Festival Edition

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Same as usual.

Quick overview:
>What is Aliexpress?
A site similar to taobao or ebay, comprised of several different sellers. Most items have free shipping. Many items on there you can also find on Taobao, but often at inflated prices on AE
>When should I choose Taobao and when should I choose Aliexpress?
If you only want a few items that you could get for cheaper from Taobao, choose AE. If you plan on buying a lot, choose Taobao.
>What not to buy:
Anything that is normally regulated. This includes lead content in paint (be wary of jewelry), cosmetics, and electronics. Other things not to buy is contact lens cases, sex toys, and foodware that is not glass
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Net-idol/Odottemita/Dance Cover Groups

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Gothic/Punk/Dark JFashion General

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Considering the pastel general, how about a opposite to it considering it seems to still be pretty prevalent.

Useful Links:
>Kera Magazine - http://kerastyle.jp/
>Harajuku Pop - https://harajuku-pop.com/
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Itabag/Fandom Fashion General

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Previous thread: >>10436129


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.
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Hey, anon. You’re not a TERF, right? Right?
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i cosplayed as dwayne the rock johnson

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heres a picture i look just like him ive been working on this outfit for months im so happy