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Wtf is this?

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She looks constipated, the makeup is actual shit.She should just stop cosplaying bc she doesn’t even look like the character she’s supposed to cosplay. And what do u expect? She’s a Danganronoa fan
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Feels Thread: Pros and Cons Edition

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Last thread: >>10597059
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will anyone wear this for me?

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Ita Thread

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Do you know the name of this dress? I only know that it is from Infanta. 嬰 梵 塔

Most hated cosplay trend?

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For me, it's the Me!Me!Me! cosplay/dance, you still occasionally see it pop up on Tik Tok.

I hate how trashy, slutty and just plain gross it is. It's stuff like this that turned cosplay into glorified pornography.
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Taobao Thread: Stimmy Checks Edition

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room / interior design / storage / organization / inspo

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Last Thread: >>10572231

Thread ideas:
>link stores that sell furniture and home items

>make a collage of items you would like to decorate your room with

>sketch out the layout of your room and other anon's might be able to give you decorating tips
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Golden Week

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show me all your gold
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Lolita in medias

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I wanna do a webcomic about lolitas, mostly horror related. What would be your dream comic/graphic novel/manga/video game about lolita?
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