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Conventions ain't happening without mandatory vax.
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/c(gl)ancelled general

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Fuck everything edition

Previous thread

Thread theme

All cancelled con talk, doom talk and speculation shenanigans go here since it’s kinda gone out of hand.

Lib-Con 2021
AnimeCon Arkansas 2021
Causeacon 2021
LVL Up Expo 2021
Mobile Bay Anime Festival 2021
Anime Impulse 2021
Anime Central 2021
Otafest 2021
Momo-Con 2021
Animazement 2021
Thy Geekdom Con 2021
OMG!Con 2021
A-Kon 2021
Kitsune Kon 2021
Anime North 2021
Animethon 2021
Kokorokon 2021

Kawaii Kon 2021
FrankfortCon 2021
Anime Frontier 2021
Fan Expo Dallas 2021
Comicpalooza 2021
Mizucon 2021
ConnetiCon 2021
Tekko 2021

>it’s a virtual con kek
Oz-Con 2021
Castle Point Anime Convention 2021
Kogaracon 2021
CoreCon 2021
FanimeCon 2021
Ponoka Fanfest 2021
AnimeNEXT 2021
Anime Expo 2021
Hazard Con 2021
Crunchyroll Expo 2021
Shikkari Con 2021

>Press F(?)
Otakon 2021
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it is strawberry picking season! post inspo for strawberry coords, especially if you would wear them to pick strawberries.
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Skinny cosplay thread to inspire gulls to stop being fat
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Texas Con General

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Texas conventions are back on the menu, boys. Sure, Akon moved theirs to 2022, but Matsuri is still go. Animefest or San Japan havent cancelled yet, so this year looking good.
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Big boobed cosplayers Thread #4

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Post big boobed cosplayers.
Alternativley, talk about why you hate your boobs and want a breast reduction.
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Lolita General- Elizabeth MTO Edition

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prev. >>10580285
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Avoiding Women at Cons

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Women ruined cosplay for me.
>High functioning autist
>Going to Anime North as Levi from AOT
>Having fun by myself
>Group of roasties dressed in a miss mash of steam punk outfits start inquiring into my outfit.
>As soon as I explain how some of it is bought premade they get upset.
>Start implying i'm lazy and "Shouldn't be doing cosplay if i'm going to be this lazy." and other inflammatory shit.
>Rest of the con I was bummed out
>Lost all drive to ever try again.
I want to get back into the cosplay once the pandemic is over. How do I avoid women?
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Net-idol/Odottemita/Dance Cover Groups

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Angelic Pretty General: Cotton Edition

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Old thread >>10609421
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