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Gothic Lolita General - Teacup Bloodbath Edition

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Last thread: >>10490169

> Newest releases
> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.
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Featuring an attendance cap, mandatory masks, and many more restrictions to come!
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NatyLikesPizza fucking sucks

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I'm sick & tired of stupid simps defending this piece of shit named NatyLikesPizza because she is a scumbag cosplayer who bullies and uses people for her own advantage. Hate her so much. She doesn't deserve all the publicity she gets. What she needs is an asswhiping

HAPPENING: Colossalcon

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Get in here /cgl/, Colossalcon just announced they're going through with the con in June and as expected people are reeing about how they are singlehandedly executing grandmas in the streets. What do you think?
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Lolita Hairstyles and Makeup

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OTAKON 2021 - I can't believe it's not cancelled

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>Are you going?
>Are you renting a hotel room?
>Are you cosplaying? As who?
>Do we want to plan a lolita meetup?
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Genshin Impact

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Last thread >>10486438

Do you play the game? What's your favourite character? Cosplay plans? Why is Diluc best boy?
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Floridanons, what convention are you going to next? Are you planning on meeting any friends there or are you going alone?
Everyone else, are you remembering to keep both masks on before you go to bed? Remember, over the nose!
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Getting wrinkles out of recycled polyester

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I'm not entirely sure this is the place for general questions about clothing care, but I figured I might as well take a shot given that this board involves fabric care.
I like collecting and wearing football jerseys, but I've been running into an issue with the numbers on some of mine. They've been wrinkling up in the wash - I think I either used too much detergent or washed them in a machine that wasn't clean - and it results in this unsightly, uneven look. The problem is, all new NFL jerseys are made from recycled polyester, so they resist ironing since they don't absorb moisture. I've used a pressing cloth and low heat to keep from burning them, but the wrinkles don't come out no matter how gentle I am with them.
Is there any way to treat recycled polyester so that it looks like new again? Jerseys aren't cheap so I'd rather not have to drop another $150 on stuff I've already bought.

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Previous thread: >>>/vg/327675014

Featured game by thumbnail: ToME

>What to Play
>Individual Game Pastas
>/rlg/'s "official" Cataclysm:DDA fork

09 Mar 2021 - In the House of Silence 0.5: The Spare Parts Update released - https://steamcommunity.com/games/1378870/announcements/detail/3021324391437371049
09 Mar 2021 - Rift Wizard Updated - https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1271280/view/3028079790879832728
07 Mar 2021 - Angband 4.2.2 released - https://github.com/angband/angband/releases
05 Mar 2021 - Roguelike Browser Boilerplate v1.1 released - https://chr15m.itch.io/roguelike-browser-boilerplate/devlog/228556/new-code-release-of-the-roguelike-boilerplate
28 Feb 2021 - Once upon a Dungeon II Early Version 0.0.6 released - https://kotogames.itch.io/once-upon-a-dungeon-ii
22 Feb 2021 - Harmonist 0.4.0 released - https://harmonist.tuxfamily.org/
21 Feb 2021 - Roguelegends: Dark Realms released - https://untrustedlife.itch.io/roguelegends-dark-realms-0182/devlog/224622/rldr-version-0228-released

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

Roguelike Servers
http://angband.live/ (Angband and variants, including Frogcomposband)
https://crawl.develz.org/ (DCSS and variants)
http://hardfought.org/ (NetHack and variants)
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