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Old School Thread: Surviving summer Edition

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Old Thread >>10629396
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Doomer Cosplay

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Life's bad, so i put my doomer clothes to make this shit make some sense
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shoe advice?

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Hi~ I'm currently trying to grow a wardrobe after lurking the scene for a few years.

I have a few dresses so far so it's time for shoes!
I was wondering if black shoes could be worn with pinks and peach tones or if I should get separate shoes?

I want to get a pair of rocking horse shoes in black... Would it be ita to wear them with light colored coords?

Cosplay for male attention?

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I need a female character that guys would love to see. What are some female characters to cosplay? Trying to avoid characters that already will have a lot of cosplayers like Rem
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Net-idol/Odottemita/Dance Cover Groups

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What ever happened to Necomimi Ears?

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Im genuinely curious on what happened to the Necomimi ears, Why did the company stop manufacturing them?
Has anyone ever bought them here and if so what was the price you bought it for and was it really worth it?
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Lolita Request General - /lrg/

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You want, we find.
Describe what you are looking for, any limitations (budget, size, country of origin etc), and any features you are want/need.

Dream dresses requests go here >>10607901
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ITT: Lolitas with guns

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post em
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Lapis Lazuli Cosplay advice/products?

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Board tourist here, looking for advice on how to do a lapis lazuli cosplay? Any good paint products? Should I die my hair or use a wig? Where to buy costume or should I make it?

I'm afraid I've never really cosplayed before and I'm quite new at this
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the wine girl

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why don't you like the wine girl, nonnies?
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