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Hi anons I’m someone who’d like to start crossdressing/being a trap for fun and to be cute. I’m looking for some good advice to get started and anything at all would be appreciated. One day I hope to be able to cosplay female characters.
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lolitas in the wild

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post candid pictures of lolitas in the wild
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LARP thread - pupper of doom edition

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last thread >>10532631
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Lolita Confessions

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previous thread >>10595479
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Handmade Lolita Thread

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The old thread got archived, so let's make a new one

Feel free to discuss current projects, what you want to make in the future etc
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Lolitas wearing coats

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So what coats do you guys wear with egl? Post here street snaps or just nice coords with coats/jackets!

I never make new threads but I didn't know where else to put this kek, also I feel like this could be a nice thread on its own so here it is
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Second Thread: Lonely edition!

>What is /cgflg/?
- This is a thread for people to find the true love of their life, right here on /cgl/!

>Allowed Discussion Topics
- Ideas on how to approach /cgl/ girls, -itas, etc.
- Advice on how to work towards getting a cosplay GF
- Ideal cosplay to do with your girlfriend
- Talking about what you're looking for in a /cgl/ girlfriend
- What you can offer to them and for them
- Couples cosplay pics, ideas, etc.
- Best places to find girls interested in dating that are into /cgl/ stuff

>DON'T Discuss
- Sexist comments (from either side)
- Any type of trans- / cis- / homo- /etc. phobia
- Drama, period
- Anything that isn't related to getting, desiring, etc. a /cgl/ type GF

- Perfume
- http://www.luckyscent.com/
- http://www.theperfumedcourt.com/
- Couples Cosplay Ideas
- https://rogersenpai.com/cosplay-ideas-for-couples/
- https://www.xcoos.com/blog/couple-cosplay-idea/
- https://www.pinterest.com/sburkar/cosplay-couple-ideas/
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Ita thred: my first chord edition

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Skinny fat cosplay

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Is being skinny fat more acceptable than being out right fat? From my experience,it makes sizing harder because even if it fits you well in most places theres just one area thats like 2 sizes bigger. Bingo wings,muffin tops,saddlebags and cellulite,the true skinnyfat experience.
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