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BnHA cosplayers

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What do you think about BnHA cosplayers?
>vid related
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>roasties fear this
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Kumoricon 2021

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No Kumoricon thread? Who's going? Being PNW has been suffering.
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I needed a board to post some vampire kino.

It’s a bit like cosplay, no?

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Can we get an SNK cosplay thread!
Post them any series. If you can provided cosplayer name, real name or both the would be cool. Also social accounts too if they you know them.
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Death Korps of Krieg

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How do I achieve this aesthetic? I know it’s just a bunch of WW1/2 shit but the helmet could be a stahlhelm biker helmet and a Russian GP5
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First Cosplay Crush

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Clefchan Cosplay will always be the sexiest imo
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