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New episode tonight. Let's be more positive ffs
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Superman Thread

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Hey, guys

feeling a little bit under the weather.

Could you help out with a good Superman Thread?

For all of us who may need to feel better

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There's something comfy about the 1st Season of Spongebob compared to the other seasons...
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Ren & Stimpy

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>inb4 guy
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We need more of this in cartoons.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks

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Handholding does not equal you know what.
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From a reportedly reputable source.


>Professor Hulk reverts to human form to give Jennifer a blood transfusion.
>Banner struggles to transform into the Hulk again after that and Jennifer helps him relearn.
>Bruce and Jennifer fight in Hulk form as training, then get drinks at a bar. Bruce uses the Hulk clap after Jennifer sucker-punches him.
>Tim Roth has a major role, unknown what the time split is for Abomination and Emil Blonsky.
>Charlie Cox appears as Daredevil, different from the Netflix version.
>William Hurt is in the series.
>Jon Bass is in the series.
>Betty Ross is not returning.


>Mahershala Ali will appear as Blade.
>Dracula will be a major villain, his actor is being kept extremely secretive. Might be Ethan Hawke, might be someone else.
>A major Egyptian actor has been cast as Konshu.
>Ayo has a major role; Moon Knight fights a target that the Dora Milaje were tracking, and Ayo later helps Moon Knight back into the United States.


>Okoye wears the Black Panther suit at some point, but she is not the full-time new Black Panther.
>ETERNALS ending destroys the ocean and aggravates Namor.
>Dwayne Johnson filmed BLACK ADAM on the stage right next to this and he visited the set frequently; unknown if he actually has a role in the film.


>Jim Carrey cast as M.O.D.O.K. for multiple Disney+ shows, possibly as early as SHE-HULK.
>THE MARVELS or GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 will feature flashbacks to the destruction of Xandar. John C. Reilly's Rhomann Dey survived.
>Kevin Feige absolutely hates leaks and can change plans if they get leaked early enough.
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Internet Animation General #3: Lenstar Edition

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>1. Love it or Hate it, Just don't tell us it's good or bad
>2. Do not give any backlash about the animations, They are made by Independent and amateur animators.
>3. Do not bully or harass anybody.
>4. Don't argue about E-celeb stuff since it isn't in the discussion.
>5. Don't argue anything in thread they aren't in the discussion.
>6. No pornography of any kind and don't post any NSFW fanart that belongs to /d/.
>7.No Godwin's law or threating people to kill or hurt themselves.
>8.No Trolls
>9. No Spamming/Flooding
>10. Keep the thread going, so we can have at least 400+ replies.
>11. Keep track of the thread to avoid trolls or spammers.
>12. No Flame wars.
Previous Thread: >>121584166
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Neil Gaiman says this is good casting… I just can’t understand why the so called “fans” are saying it’s bad?

Death shapeshifts chuds. Her being a Black Woman is perfect
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>'adult' cartoon
>its about dEpReSsIoN
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