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>Ones that will make /co/ Scream and rage addition

I don’t like Rick and Morty’s later seasons. Beth and Summer are annoying as hell.

I prefer Loki from the comics and movies and not the series, he’s 100% a rip off of Rick in every way possible in the series until like, the last episode. And you can’t find anything original about his personality, you can’t even try to prove me wrong.

Every single /co/ user ever is going to call me a rape apologist for this, bc /co/ is Just the Love child of Twitter and Tumblr, But I like Ren and Stimpy, it’s funny. I just fucking hate John K.

I don’t like Catra

It’s possible to like both modern and 90s cartoons at the same time.
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Dandy Comic Library Storytime - № 67-9

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Which Cramp Twin would be most likely to commit a school shooting?
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Was korra a good show, or a bad show?
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Overrated crap
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What is the edgiest /co/ fanwork you ever encounter?
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What disney cartoons would best fit into future KingdomHhearts games?

I could see Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles (it almost happened for KH3) Owl House and Amphibia.
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These two were built for older women.
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Are there any cooking shows?

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I'm looking for a cartoon about cooking, like Food Wars or the Garden of Words.

Any recommendations?
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