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So, just who was the person most responsible for this thing existing? Didio? Robinson? The Green Arrow creative team?
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Supers going postal.
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You snooze you lose, Archie.

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This is the US military's latest recruitment ad. Thoughts?

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Is there a /co/ character who could defeat her?
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ben ten tg thread

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omnibabe recently had her anniversary
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>its a "leni has a fat ass" episode
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Bad writer

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Post bad writers
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Based Ben does it again!
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Kaiju/Godzilla Comics and Animation Thread

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Let's talk some Godzilla. I don't know that much about this recent series but apparently Godzilla is some kind of judge who's gonna decide what to do with humanity? But he'll be fighting Mothra so that's a return to a more classic dynamic between them.
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