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>G.I. JOE ORIGINS: SNAKE EYES follows Snake Eyes, a warrior in search of vengeance for the murder of his father who finds a new purpose by joining the Arashikage Clan, an ancient brotherhood of ninjas sworn to defend the world from evil.

Trailer tomorrow.
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would you?
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ITT: Kino Garfield strips

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What are your favorite Garfield strips?
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God damn Vambre is hot. I can't even properly express how much semen I want to deposit on or in those thighs.
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Is its legacy one of good, or evil?
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Pick any five hulks or suggest your own
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Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb

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Lucy so salty.
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Jackie is pretty cute

Castlevana Season 4

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Soo, thoughts on this last season..

>Still no Grant..
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Three issues into this... this isn't as smart and subversive as /co/ and people are saying so far. Everything that is supposed to be morally gray is obviously bad and how it will be abused or will go wrong is telegraphed so heavily.

They also seem to have a healthy mix of fear and respect to Hyperion, leaning more into the fear which is sorta new. The members of the team who are in the wrong aren't even like complex they're kinda just... dumb... and terrible. "Oh wow I'm gonna go mind-control someone to be my wife"

I don't think it's bad but it's cringy how dumb and not just 'in hind-sight' dumb their actions are.

Also Amphibian is based, I hope he gets a happy ending.
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