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Thickening Thursday

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Post /co/ girls who just seem to be getting wider by the day
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>Netflix is greenlighting cartoons based on twitter accounts with 40k followers now
The animation industry is fucked.
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Danny Phantom

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How come people forgets about how cute Jazz is?
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Megas XLR

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Did you know the theme had lyrics?
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What the fuck happened to Chip 'n' Dale?

Dumbing of Age

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Who loves smash cuts?

Spanish Marie

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A brewery in Florida created this cute cartoon mascot lady earlier this year. Her name is the name of the place.
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>Hey kids do you want to see a TV show starring your favorite villain, Darth Vader?
>Except he wont be a villain
>He wont even do the things he's known for, like choking people
>He will barely use his powers
>He will fall in love with a female version of himself
>He wont even wear the suit, he'll run around in business casual
>Also all your favorite side characters such as Palpatine, Tarkin, etc wont show up, you get Owen Wilson in a suit
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