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>Hi hon, how are y- What? What do you mean your dropping out?! After all that your dropping out? You know we almost died a few times, right?
>Burnt out? Thing not working with Jade? So your just gonna give up?! What about your scholarship? You know we don’t have the kind of money to pay for school! What are you going to do? Work at your uncles truckstop? Nice. Real nice. Your father going to be real disappointed. After all he’s done for you. God damn it Katie.
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>The empire is so evil for introducing social security numbers and a standard currency. Now pirates, smugglers and deserters can't travel freely. Spice isn't an acceptable currency anymore.
The horrors!
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Hades did nothing wrong

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Admit it: If you had Zeus for a brother, YOU'D try and kill him too!
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Who would win?
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MORBIUS Spoilers

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Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) is a renowned geneticist with a rare blood disease, whose health is deteriorating despite the efforts of his girlfriend Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona) and his mentor Emil Nykos (Jared Harris) to find a cure. Loxias Crown (Matt Smith), who was once afflicted by the same condition, instructs Morbius to go to Brazil and perform a ritual involving a rare breed of vampire bat, which transforms Morbius into a “living vampire”. On his way back to New York on a cargo ship, Morbius uses his newfound abilities to slaughter pirates who raid the ship. FBI agent Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson) is assigned to investigate the massacre.

Morbius tests his abilities with Martine and Nykos’ help, and reaches out to Crown, who sends him a tomb containing a skeleton that attacks Morbius, forcing him to use his powers to defend himself. Stroud's investigation leads him to Morbius. Crown senses that Stroud is a threat and influences Morbius into attacking him while he is at Nykos’ house. Nykos accidentally dies in the crossfire, and Stroud arrests Morbius.

In prison, Morbius meets Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton). Crown kidnaps Martine to lure Morbius into a confrontation, and Morbius escapes, causing a riot that allows Toomes to escape as well. At Martine’s laboratory, Morbius learns that the skeleton belonged to Crown, who possesses people to live forever, and engineered Morbius’ transformation in order to possess him and become immortal. Stroud intervenes and helps Morbius defeat Crown by destroying the rune tattoos that keep him alive. Stroud then allows Morbius to escape before the police arrives, and he is forced to leave Martine behind to keep searching for a cure, while also using his curse to protect the innocent.

Early CN shorts

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I made this drawing back in 1998.

It was based on a Cartoon Network short animated series that aired during breaks.
It was a ladybug that went around and messed with famous works of art, then something unexpected happened.
There was the Mona Lisa, some Greek statues (Venus de Milo? David?) and others.
I think Venus becomes a rocket and shoots up to the moon.

I can find no evidence of this series, does /co/ remember it?

BONUS: Soup Opéra, another short series from the same era.
The song always scared my brother.

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He's still the best Batman after all these years.
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This is the reason people hate on the Invincible cartoon. We don't need to go into names or labels, but you know exactly what kind of person is triggered by this, and why.
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