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Emmy the Robot - Official Comic

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Happy Saturday! It's been a long year and change but Madeline's birthday is finally going forward- and Emmy has some delightful tips on making macarons to help us out!
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Friday BCG thread!

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It’s Friday! You know what that means. That’s right, her in here to discuss the best comedy kids cartoon currently airing Big City Greens. Eleven more days until Season 2 is on Disney+!
>are we still simping for Chris?
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Would you?
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Frozen 2

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>new book about Agnarr's epic bedtime story to Anna and Elsa
Was it genocide? What else can they even tell about this story other than Runeard was a bad man?
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What are some comic series with good creators?
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Duck ladies thread

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Post your favorite.
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Threads about this cartoon are no longer tolerated on /a/ & /m/.

It is now deemed a /co/ show much like Avatar, Korra, MLP and RWBY.

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When this shit first started I thought they were going to cover all the Belmonts........
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